There is no doubt that New Zealand Dairy Farming has experienced numerous challenges such as increased compliance requirements and increased milk hygiene standards which continue to pose more challenges for dairy farmers.
With the new regulations of the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), cooling milk prior to picking up, after milking has become an uphill task for many dairy farmers.


The Snapchill ice bank system  works by building a mass of ice between milkings. Then, during milking, water is circulated through the ice, reducing the water temperature to near zero degrees. The chilled water is passed through a double bank plate cooler to cool milk to approximately 4°C before it reaches the vat.

Warmed water generated from the milking process is returned to the ice bank and cooled again. ProCool Ice is delivered to farm as a complete all-in-one unit ready for plumbing into your plate cooler.

More and larger standard refrigeration equipment may be one solution, but it would incur more capital and operational (power) costs on the Farmer, without any real payback. Snapchill offers farmers a better and holistic approach that pays for itself or pays you back through power savings.

power svaings


Snapchill cooling system is built to run off-peak/off demand (overnight, and/or between milking, storing the cooling energy until needed) as well as providing free hot water (useable at 82⁰C) from normally wasted heat, that can be used for 2 hot plant washes per day!!


snapchill hot water cylindersSo the farmer can turn up for milking with hot water cylinders full. Cooling energy (ice) is stored so when he starts milking, the milk enters the vat as low as 4°C, exceeding regulatory requirements and ready for pick up.


Snapchill system helps you master the milk cooling process leaving no room for any form of wastage of milk and heat. The free hot water saves dairy farmers the cost of heating water, which gives a viable saving/payback, to offset the capital cost of extra cooling equipment. Snapchill effectively takes the heat out of the milk and, through the Snapchill process, put it back into the hot water cylinders.


Snapchill is environment-friendly and highly hygienic as natural water/ice is used as a coolant, as opposed to chemicals used by other cooling systems, to give a more sustainable, low contamination risk, solution to cooling milk quicker.

snapchill low carbonfootprint


Snapchill goes above and beyond giving the farmer a better quality product by cooling milk quicker, it also utilizes less energy and giving plenty of free hot water as well as reducing the carbon footprint.
Not only that, but Snapchill also empowers local service persons to oversee the maintenance.
                           Unlike traditional cooling systems, Snapchill is environment-friendly.

snapchill easy install


Easy Installation

Snapchill is easy to install. Delivery, installation, and commissioning have been completed in just one day!


Efficient Power Saver

When Snapchill makes ice, it creates heat, meaning that the milk refrigeration unit is efficient. This energy is then reclaimed and used to heat water. At the end of the cooling cycle, you will have enough hot water for the plant wash. You don’t need to heat water separately, which means you use less power.

Off Peak Times Power Solutions

Your peak energy cost is based on your maximum power draw. It tends to be when you have the milking plant up and running and that's the time that your electricity is at its most expensive.

Snapchill doesn’t draw power during peak times. It stores energy as ice during off-peak times, when power is cheaper and eliminates the need for a power upgrade at the cowshed.

Easy Maintenancesnapchill easymaintenance

Snapchill is kept as simple as possible to reduce costs for you. You don’t need computer technicians to service Snapchill system. This makes Snapchill units easy to look after with minimal maintenance costs.

snapchill nz madeIt is made in New Zealand for NZ conditions as local companies provide the components, supporting local businesses and jobs. It is designed to be easily serviced, using locally available components so, in the unlikely event of a component failure, any competent serviceman can repair easily with minimal downtime.

The units are built to last, with galvanized frames, powder coated panels, stainless steel, and PVC components, expected to last up to 25 years.


Snapchill units come complete on its own frame, prewired, pre-plumbed and fully tested in the factory, simple and straightforward to install, in some cases, as little as one day. It can also be easily relocated if required.

Snapchill is carefully designed to increase milk cooling efficiency, optimize heat recovery and equipped with separate cold water.

snapchill max profitsSnapchill brings milk cooling and water heating into the 21st century. Dairy farmers can maximise profit with our holistic approach to quality milk storage and energy conscious water heating.

Snapchill is unique when it comes to milking cows. Experience the difference in power saving for your dairy farm. As the machine produces ice, it generates hot water at the same time using less electrical current. It also substantially reduces the vat refrigeration running time.

Find out more about Snapchill today as it saves dairy farmers a lot of money in energy costs and provides free hot water for the milking process. If you’re looking for the right solution for your dairy farming, Snapchill has got you covered.

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Get your milk cool with Snapchill!!

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