Ice Bank Chilling System

20170720_125632A SNAPCHILL ice bank comes with an optional, full heat recovery system to provide all the hot water you need (at 82°C) which represents a significant saving (hyperlink  the word saving)on your operating costs

 With or without heat recovery you will have the milk entering the vat between 4-6°C giving you full compliance with the new MPI regulations as well as dramatically reducing the risk of milk rejection on temperature or bacterial grounds.

snapchill frameThe SNAPCHILL™ is a fully self-contained unit built on a galvanized frame with powder coated panels, the unit dimensions are 2 x 3 meters, and 2.2 meters high.

The Snapchill units are fully weatherproof, designed to sit outside, no roof necessary.



plate coolerInstallation is only a matter of plumbing to the plate cooler and wiring to the switchboard.                  


snapchill hot water cylinders

Hot water units also require plumbing to hot water cylinders, so any competent farm serviceman or sparky can install the units.

We’ve even had one client install his own system, (a very nice job too!)

We are always available to answer any questions the installer may have regarding the Installation process.
We are only a phone call away


With the milk entering the vat at the much lower temperature your existing vat refrigeration load is much reduced resulting in lower running costs and much longer operational life.

As the SNAPCHILL™  H series unit charges off-peak (overnight) and between milking’s when the rest of the plant is not running, it does not add to your existing power load and as the SNAPCHILL™ charges it also provides FREE hot water at 82°C (3-5 litres per minute), further reducing the running costs.


testimonials-2000x1500We can cover all farm sizes with the ice bank from 100-cows upwards. We can supply a system from our stock range or custom design a unit to specifically suit your unique operation. For the budget conscious we are likely to have something in our range to suit your needs. Talk to us about what your needs are and see how we can help you. Snapchill is a great option if you need chilled milk and want to save on costs at the same time, our heat recovery units are a great option.