Snapchill Testimonials from Farmers in 
New Zealand

Scottie Evans
Friday June 26th 2015

It was the middle of summer and our milk was entering the silo way too warm. The plate cooler was maxed out and milk quality was starting to suffer. I need a solution that needed to chill milk fast, handle a large farm and do this with off-peak power. 

I looked around and found Snapchill unit and phoned them up, and said 'sweet as we've got the thing'. A week later milk from 1225 cow it hitting the silo at 6 Degrees and there's more hot water tahn we could ever use. 

Cheers to the guys from Snapchill - a top product and it was easy with my local guys at Dairycool sorting out all the install.

Colin & Berenice Jensen, Kimbolton
Tuesday 24th April, 2016

“As soon as we heard there was a Snap Chill unit being worked on locally by a refrigeration expert we were keen to invest in one. 

Before the snap chill unit was installed our milk temp in the vat was 13deg+ at the end of wash up, now after the last cups are off the vat temp sits around 6deg.

An additional benefit is having hot water from the heat recover unit that chills the water, which means we can hot wash the plant twice a day.
We would recommend Snap Chill.”

Stewart Row
Wednesday 18th May, 2016

Toward the end of the 2014 season we decided would be expedient to invest in a better system of chilling milk knowing that as time went on Dairy companies would require milk to be cooler on entry into the vat.

We investigated some options and eventually settled on a Snapchill unit that also provided hot water for washing the dairy plant. Although our situation with 50/50 sharemilkers in place on both farms did not require us to provide extra hot water it was decided not to waste the opportunity to use hot water generated by the Snap Chill Unit.

The units that were provided were costly but well for the cost when we considered the savings in hot water provided and the milk at temperature that any company would be happy to receive it at.

We now consistently have milk cooled on entry to the vat at 4-5 degrees so our vat chillers have very little work to do. This temperature can be dialled down a little more. We also have more than enough hot water provided at temperatures that are as hot as required to wash the dairy plant.

Temperature grades are one thing that we never have to worry about and there is no excuse for plant grades with the amount of hot water available for plant washing.

Both of our farms are 250 cows and the chilling of the water and the heating of the water is all done at off peak load for power consumption and this allows our existing transformers which is a big cost saving. This can also be a help to our neighbours.

The units are on a self-contained skid and are very neat and tidy and blend in with all dairies. They are also easily accessible for any maintenance.

My overall view is that all farms will one day have to have milk at much lower temperatures that we traditionally have done and I believe that is the right thing to do. 

By being pro-active we are providing a product that is not growing bacteria because the milk is so cold and any dairy factory would be pleased to receive that milk.

Snap Chill Units have now been working in our two dairies for over two years and I have no hesitation in recommending this product to any farmer requiring their milk to be chilled. After service care by Snap Chill personnel has been exceptional. Look after the unit and they will look after you.
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